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The world is changing, and not just in terms of the news!

Jonathan and Barry were recently asked to write an article with on the changing dynamics of the workforce.

Head over to the DTU website and have a read!

Cuckoo Millennials in a Generation X nest – how a changing workforce means a change in management strategy

The training year has started strongly in our on-going partnership with KPC, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation. PinT has a growing reputation for high quality business skills training in the Gulf region, especially with personnel in the Oil & Gas sector.    

Titles delivered so far this year have included:

  • Train the Trainer
  • Introduction to Driving Performance
  • Effective Knowledge Sharing
  • Orchestrating Team Performance
  • Public Speaking
  • Technical Report Writing

Participants evaluated the courses as “highly effective”, praising the usefulness of the content and the interactive nature of the training.

We strive to provide productive as well as cost-effective training in a business context that is sensitive to price.