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The Leadership & Management Toolbox

New Manager Programme


The transition from team member to manager or team leader is a highly challenging one. This programme is designed to make that transition as smooth as possible by covering all the key areas of the new role. Responsibilities have changed yet business results must still be achieved.

This modular programme is built on key Management and Leadership competencies. Areas include: self-development; goal-setting; prioritising; interpersonal skills; coaching; building and leading high performance; leading change and appraisals.

Experienced Manager Programme

As an experienced manager in today’s hectic business world, you need to ensure that the skills you have are still up to date. This programme is designed to give you the opportunity to refresh your ideas and develop your skills by examining the key management issues relevant to you.

Designed and developed for managers with two years plus experience, areas covered include: clarifying goals; allocating resources; leadership framework; communication skills; coaching; giving difficult feedback; motivating and building high performance teams. 

Leadership Programme (LeaP)

LeaP is designed to meet the clear and present need for modern managers to maximise their own skills while seamlessly contributing to the team as a whole. After all, current leadership challenges are plentiful:

  • managers face an increasingly complex job, with regular change always bringing fresh challenges
  • management teams face a growing need to strengthen organisational and people performance in order to fulfil ambitious strategy targets
  • companies continue to face tough market and attraction and retention issues – calling for coherent action from a body of skilled manager.

LeaP helps you to build clear goals, align responsibilities and streamline processes to support the business.

Cross-Functional Management

Managing a Cross-Functional Team effectively is often far from straightforward. It can be demanding for the manager and frustrating for the people working within the team.  

This programme equips you to understand:
•    the role of Leadership in a Cross-Functional Team
•    the importance of teamwork
•    how to get the best out of people
•    how to maximise your time

Team Leader Workshop

Designed with the aim of providing you with a framework for understanding leadership essentials in your business setting, this intensive workshop looks at areas including: self-assessment on key leadership issues; personal leadership; interpersonal skills; decision-making; working cross-functionally; coaching and mentoring and developing strengths of others.  


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