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The Facilitating Training Toolbox

Train the Trainer

Facilitation-training.jpgHR staff, Subject Matter Experts and Managers of remote teams are increasingly called upon to train colleagues. Many are unfamiliar with the challenges of training and the specific techniques and disciplines required for this role.

Our Train the Trainer programme focuses on the practical aspects of being a trainer. It gives you an understanding of how people learn, so that the people you train will not only enjoy your course but go away with the knowledge they need.

You will learn how to:

  • design and deliver training programmes with increased skill & confidence
  • incorporate a wide range of stimulating techniques & activities in your training
  • understand the essentials of learning theory & behaviour

Facilitation Skills Workshop

When facilitation is done well it can leverage great results. Whether creating buy-in to a new process, reaching group consensus on action to be taken or ensuring real learning has taken place understanding how to facilitate is an essential business skill. Our workshop looks at how we can best achieve successful outcomes through the effective facilitation of meetings (internal and external), workshops, symposia and conferences.

Components include:

  • problem solving
  • gaining consensus to a course of action
  • ensuring team integration
  • mediating conflict to gain commitment
  • developing best practice to ensure successful conclusions

Running Effective Meetings

With the advent of shared tools such as Outlook Calender meetings have become an ever present feature of our working day. Unfortunately too often these meetings fail to deliver. 

This training is for anyone who wants to run an effective meeting and participate more effectively. Moving from the preparation stage of identifying the purpose, deciding on the agenda and setting outcomes to the participation stage chairing a meeting through to the practical, follow up stages all aspect will be covered in this productive, interactive and creative workshops.

The Effective Off-site

Off-site meetings whereby participants are removed from office distractions can be highly productive. Whether you are looking to produce key initiatives, strategically plan a course of action or simply bring a group together to drive your business objectives, a well-managed off-site can empower and motivate.

This training offer guide you though the DOs and DON'Ts for an effective Off-Site, focussing on the big questions: 

  • what outcomes do you want to achieve? 
  • who should be there and what will they bring? 
  • what meeting structure will ensure progress?   


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