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Case Study #5 – Soft Skills Training

Six Core Skills 

Partners in Training was invited to join a competitive tender to provide "Core Skills Training" for a public sector organisation in the UK.

The Client's Needs

To maximise the effectiveness of their people, the client was looking for a training partner to develop a portfolio of ' soft skills' courses. The selection criteria we had to meet were: Quality, Core Competencies, Resources, Flexibility and Responsiveness. 

Titles included: Presentation Skills; Negotiation Skills; Customer Satisfaction; Professional Business Writing; Facilitation Skills; Effective Communication.

What We Did

We researched the client's business and development needs and submitted creative proposals to deal with some of their local and national issues, both according to the local situation and to key government reports, which we studied carefully.

We designed each course to be:

  • productive – theory was related directly to the client's business: discussion among participants was both specific and relevant
  • reflective – “live” issues were explored within the management framework rather than academic practice exercises
  • interactive – utilising group discussion, brainstorming, role-plays, individual coaching sessions, practical case studies and realistic scenarios
  • creative – the variety of delivery methods made learning both challenging and fun

How It Went

We were shortlisted to make a presentation; then to successfully deliver a day's demonstration training with a selected group of employees; references were taken up. The client felt we demonstrated we understood which management skills needed to be developed in order to run an efficient commercial operation within a ministerial framework.

Our procedures met their quality standards; they enjoyed and heard testimony to our training skills; our people and material resources assured them they could rely on us; our creative proposal to cover every part of their general catalogue demonstrated our flexibility; our meeting of every deadline and ability to fit in with their schedule coupled with our internal appointment of a key responsible as their dedicated point of contact showed how smoothly we responded to all issues.

A contract was duly signed. The six fixed courses have proved a real success and we are in discussions with the client on increasing the number of titles in their training catalogue. 

Our Resources, Your Success

In this project, we have successfully adapted and transferred management concepts and tools from the private to the public sector.

We have shown insight into how to tailor the delivery of would-be standard courses to specially suit employees working in the public sector.

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