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LEAP modules: Topics and key objectives

1. Forming the Team - Creating the Baseline

  • Grow the team relationship
  • Increase confidence in the team purpose
  • Establish a level of openness and honesty in relationships
  • Open the dialogue on the ambitions of the current strategy

2. Strategic Anchoring - Performance Management

  • Understand how the Team and the individual manager can anchor strategy and achieve more ambitious targets
  • Reflect on how to manage towards high performance results

3. Engaging Culture - People Management

  • Explore how the Team and Individual Managers can create a culture of engagement
  • Ensure commitment to achieving the strategy and ambitious targets

4. Future Search - Innovation

  • Take a broader view on the external environment of the company now and in the future 
  • Address future opportunities and challenges for the Team and for Individual managers
  • Investigate how the Team and Individual manager can sustain innovation through constant change

5. Developing the Workplace - Organisation Development

  • Consider the internal environment of the company
  • Identify the new skills, thinking and organisation forms that will be needed to quickly respond to opportunities and challenges identified in Module 4

6. I, Me, Mine

  • Understand yourself better
  • Create an Extended Personal Action Plan to approach life, yourself and other people

7. Closing, feedback, LEAP moving forward

  • Reflect on learning
  • Develop meaningful Actions Plans
  • Map out options for future managerial development

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