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Case Study #1 – Leadership & Management

LEAdership Development Programme (LEAP)

The aim was to strengthen the common purpose for Management & Leadership development. This was achieved by bringing the management team closer together through the setting and cascading of clear goals, responsibilities and processes.

The Client's Needs

  • create a common platform for Management & Leadership development
  • give the management team a common purpose with shared goals and clear roles and responsibilities
  • develop the individual Manager

What We Did

We identified the following issues:

  • personal growth & development
  • individual contribution
  • team performance
  • business needs

We addressed these issues with seven off-site modules from agreement on a clear statement of team purpose, to the creation of an engagement culture, to maintenance of peak team performance. See following page. Throughout, individual contribution and personal development were at the heart of the progress.

We selected two tools to establish the baseline for team development and engagement; these tools were re-visited at the mid-point and end-point of the programme to track progress.

How It Went

The training was rated by senior management as highly effective and constructive. Participants commented that the programme gave them valuable input on current business practices as well as useful tips on motivating their team members.

As a result of their success, Partners in Training was asked to deliver training to an affiliate and sister company.

Our Resources, Your Success

This programme showed our ability to work alongside a client to:

  • recognise a corporate training need
  • guide managers on their leadership "journey"
  • fulfil senior management’s ambitious mission
  • deliver sustained performance in the training room over several years

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