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Case Study #6 – Accredited Training Courses

Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC)

Level 3  Diploma

The Professional Training Centre of the client, a Middle Eastern energy cooperation, was looking for a progressive training programme that offered skill development to meet internal corporate objectives and improve the workforce's transferable skills.

The Client's Needs

Having recently defined their core competency framework, the client wanted a training vendor to:

  • homogenise training to promote a common culture across the eight companies within the corporation, and to
  • combine this common culture with their corporate Vision & Values to create a meaningful internal qualifcation 

What We Did

To fulfil the corporation's need for transferable skills, the rigours of an external rather than internal qualification was most suitable. We worked closely with the client to design the qualification, ensuring full compliance with their internal vision and values. We then approached the relevant body for approval of our specification to create a recognised modular BTEC certificate.

Partners in Training then designed eight modules that addressed the corporation’s core competencies, their delivery allowing long-term planning for individual development across the corporation.

To ensure optimum effectiveness our team of internal verifiers worked with the client on all procedures. 

How It Went

The programme was, and continues to be a massive success. The whole programme received positive feedback from the participants who found the content both useful and practical in their daily work.

Over 250 staff members have been enrolled on the programme that is now in its seventh year.

Our Resources, Your Success

Our extensive Middle Eastern training experience in this sector, our innovative thinking, and our ability to cooperate with other organisations internationally set this project up for success. Our team of internal verifiers worked with the client on all procedures.

We also assisted in the promotion of the new concept to the training department of each company in the group to further ensure optimum programme effectiveness.

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